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SubRocks will be down for maintenece by 11PM PST to prepare for 2012's launch.

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2012 News

SubRocks Official (1 hour ago)
Hello from the real SubRocks Team we are sorry to announce
that 2012 isn't gonna happen,
chiefs PC fucking died again


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BEEP. BOOP. 1011010101010 BEEP BOOP BOOP.

how do computers work

allahmachine (4 hours ago)
is it like magic


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Suggest some features that you would like to see in SubRocks.

Ability to add thumbnail to video before uploading it

Blinchik (6 days ago)
That would be helpful.

Editing Help

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A category dedicated to help on editing videos, video editor recommendations, and more.

psa: davinci resolve is a good alternative to vegas

allahmachine (4 hours ago)