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kick push coast

Published on Sep 19, 2021 by

This is a very cool flash player I found. I'm also not stopping you from trying to get it yourself.


Nonprofits & Activism



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  • To view the FLA, open the components panel, insert a MediaPlayback component, set the height (H:) to 400, set the X position (X:) to 0, set the width (W:) to 550, set the Y position (Y:) to 0 and set the URL parameter (in components inspector) to MathVidCary.flv (idk if it works in versions of flash other than professional 8)

  • @SuperKamekArea oh, thanks for letting me know. i dont think this problem will bother me too much because i actually have both flash 8 and flash cs6.

  • @johab The advantage is you get an fla that actually works in flash professional 8, as you cant export for anything but cs5+ in jpexs ffdec free flash decompiler

  • jesus fucking christ just use a decompiler and edit the actionscript

  • That’s cool!

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