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SubRocks will be down for maintenece by 11PM PST to prepare for 2012's launch.

update video 2


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Tartarus98 (1 month ago) 0
0:12 i apprars here

Julius Bin Laden (1 month ago) -4
This site is shit

Starflare (1 month ago) -4

‌ ‌ (1 month ago)
fuck u!

portsdes (1 month ago) 1
wow i cant wait

SonicGamingTV2019 (1 month ago) 1

RaRwii06 (1 month ago) 1
neat great job

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago) 0
I honestly think 2010 is pretty good, don't take all ideas from the first comment of someone, especially if it's from someone else during a collabvm

MrHollywood2123 (1 month ago) 1
Cool update!

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago) 0
please delete my comment that has the word "shit" in it

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago)
dislike it if you cant delete it

MrHollywood2123 (1 month ago)
Are you stupid?

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago) 0
i disliked my own comment

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago) -4

kemes (1 month ago)
@SuperKamekArea why the fuck did you let someone you don't know into your account

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago)
please dislike this comment

SuperKamekArea (1 month ago)
guys i let someone on my account in collabvm
Aug 30, 2021
(more info)

lots of behind the scenes stuff & 2010 will be pushed out when:
- new router system
- new player ...