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SubRocks will be down for maintenece by 11PM PST to prepare for 2012's launch.

The SubRocks Experience 5


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SonicGamingTV2019 (1 hour ago) 0

Kev3m (2 weeks ago) 0
1:01 me too man, me too.

billygoat891 (2 weeks ago) 0
YAY #5

Reasonpie (2 weeks ago) 0
Wow nice video! :D

MrHollywood2123 (2 weeks ago) 1
imagine bringing back UTTP on subrocks, i hope they will get a life for once

noot noot (2 weeks ago) 0
New Subrocks Experience!

psc64 (2 weeks ago)
congratulations on making your way into the video

noot noot (2 weeks ago)
Also i was in the video! Wow, Never knew i would take part in the SubRocks experience!
Oct 03, 2021
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The low-effort comedy series finally comes to a close with the SubRocks Experience 5!

Thanks for...