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Self-Hosting Discord?! - Tutorial


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PlayROBLOX (1 week ago) 0
Hey, evo for some reason My os is Win 7, and node js stopped working on it. Could you help me, And it didn't even work for me, Can you help?

pixel (3 weeks ago) 0
MF DOOM !!!!

Bacn (3 weeks ago) 0
Epic tutorial

ther (3 weeks ago) 0
cool and good

ther (3 weeks ago) 0

anoncarrot (3 weeks ago) 0
This is incredible! but can you also do a tutorial on ubuntu?

anoncarrot (2 weeks ago)
oh ok!

evoDesign (3 weeks ago)
It's the same process, you just install the Linux package.

velhogostoso123 (4 weeks ago) 0
very cool i may try that

evoDesign (3 weeks ago)
Who's stopping You? Go ahead! :)

Tartarus98 (4 weeks ago) 0
I Will try it (stupid autocorrector)

psc64 (4 weeks ago) 0
Interesting! I’ll try this out for myself at some point!
Aug 27, 2021
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Hi Everyone! Today I'll show you a cool project that allows you to host Discord on your PC/Server! ...