YOUTUBE GETS RID OF DISLIKE COUNT....(i might quit youtube)


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kick push coast

Published on Nov 25, 2021 by

youtube is shit





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  • now all the snowflakes that cry over dislikes dont have to cry anymore. -_-

  • Have you heard of a Twitter clone called Bwitter? It is basically better than modern Twitter as there is a 300 character limit and you can just ctrl+c and ctrl+v the link of the Bweet. Highly recommend you try :D

  • i'm in that page

  • I will probably still be on YouTube, but I hate this honestly. Now it makes it harder to figure out if something is a lie or not. At least I can use to see likes and dislikes instead.

  • cool

  • I personally think that the 5 star rating was the best. It should have still been available.

  • there's a firefox and chrome extension that brings back the dislikes

  • i got it installed

  • you can still view the dislikes in this page:

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