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SubRocks will be down for maintenece by 11PM PST to prepare for 2012's launch.

What I think about the SubRocks Smosh2012 Situation


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Blinchik (2 days ago) 0
I agree

Mercedes Powers (1 week ago) 2
Good opinion. I really don’t want this website to shut down though. Also, how did you make the video?

🦈 (1 week ago)
I used the last version of Windows Movie Maker (2012)
And just like a miata said, I added a vhs effect to it, sorry for not responding sooner, since the site keeps getting booted like everyday, I stopped checking the site much

a miata (1 week ago)
idk man probably he used some old editor and added some vhs effect to the vid

Tm1 (1 week ago) 0
By now it's working well.
Oct 10, 2021
(more info)

So This video will be about what I think about what happened with Smosh2012, how I feel what route S...